I like cute and random things

Seeing life from a different point of view; yet, it seems so fast, like a blur.
So, take a snapshot of life as it should be.
Photographs by cute-ocalypse (unless if specified or reblogged).

Music Education major.
Violin|Viola|Piano|Acoustic guitar|Classical guitar.

Other instruments?
Voice (alto). Baritone horn. Voice(Alto I/II). Percussion instruments.

Former clarinetist.
Christian|Musician|Music Educator|Nerd|Sci-fi geek|Arranger (music)\Composer|Coldplayer|Muser|YouTuber|Whovian|Sherlockian|Semi video-gamer|Enjoys unique and odd personalities|Quite quirky myself.|Photographer|Music [teacher] in training, music therapist, music historian, composer, and/or possibly a video game composer in training.